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What does Prescott Papers do?

Prescott Papers is a custom academic assistance service. Custom-written papers, editing services, PowerPoint presentations, and more are offered. In addition to work done for students, business services, such as spreadsheet creation, Microsoft Access work, resumes, CVs, and related services are available.

General Services

What subjects are available?

Our team includes experts in countless subjects ranging from the humanities to the hard sciences. Our writers have rigorous academic backgrounds and extensive experience. No project is too tough, complex, abstract, or obscure for us. The main categories of work offered are: Custom writing, editing and revision, PowerPoint presentations, PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, computer science and programming, data analysis and mathematics, and projects classified as hybrid / other / unsure.

Custom writing is the most popular of our services. This service is for custom academic or business writing on any requested subject. Typical projects that fall into this category include model term papers, essays, and research papers. Foreign language papers are available by request.

Editing and revision is another popular service. Common uses of this service include polishing papers for grammar and spelling, general conventions, formatting, phrasing, and word flow. Extensions or additions to projects are classified as custom writing instead of editing. If you are looking for revisions of an order that we completed for you, see our revision policy.

PowerPoint presentations are available to assist with speeches and related projects. Orders for PowerPoints include written content, styling, and research. Cover and reference pages are included in the cost of orders.

PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes include additional information and writing in PowerPoint’s speaker notes field, in addition to the main PowerPoint slides. Speaker notes can be used during presentations as a reference for what to discuss while showing each individual slide, which makes them extremely useful in oral presentation of work.

Computer science and programming services are available for both students and professionals. Examples of orders in this category include custom computer programs and custom databases. Because of the depth and complexity of computer science projects, custom price quotes are available on a case-by-case basis.

Data analysis and mathematics services are offered. Common services ordered include accounting work; manipulation and management of data in Excel and similar programs; and assistance with mathematics of all levels, including higher level work, such as calculus and discrete mathematics. A custom price quote will be provided upon reviewing your project instructions.

Hybrid / Other / Unsure Classification is a classification used for custom work. For work ordered in this category, a custom no-obligation price quote is provided by our support team. Project types that can be ordered in this category include:

Answers to Multiple Choice Questions
Image Manipulation and Photoshop
Creation of Diagrams
Field Research / Conducting Experiments
Online Courses and Ongoing Projects
Combinations of Multiple Project Types
And more!
Need something extremely specific? Custom arrangements are available for even the most abstract projects.

Cheat Turnitin

What is the “Cheat Turnitin” service that Prescott Papers offers?
Do you have an existing paper or project that is plagiarized, cited incorrectly, or that will otherwise get flagged for plagiarism by Turnitin, SafeAssign, and other originality-scanning tools? Order the Cheat Turnitin service and a professional writer will rewrite and edit your paper to let you confidently pass Turnitin.com’s plagiarism scanning tools.

Haven’t started writing yet? Instead of providing content for us to rewrite, order a paper written from scratch! Select the option for Custom Writing. All custom-written papers are plagiarism-free; no need to worry about Turnitin! Ordering a paper from scratch is another great way to beat Turnitin!

I thought Turnitin couldn’t be tricked? How does this work?
You’re right. It’s extremely difficult to beat Turnitin.

Shady overseas business often claim that you can get around Turnitin with easy tricks. The truth is, taking a plagiarized document and running it through a script to switch out English letters with similar-looking Cyrillic characters will put you in a position even worse than where you started. In addition to Turnitin being designed to recognize these low effort hacks, it’s obvious to human eyes that a paper that reads “ТҺЁ quiСk Ѣяown fOx jЦмps Ovёr tҺe lazУ dФg” has been tampered with. Not to mention, you’ll look insane.

Our Cheat Turnitin service isn’t a trick; it’s original rewriting by a professional American writer. Unoriginal content is completely rewritten and an appropriate citation is added both inline and on the references page. Not only will your paper be able to trick a piece of software, it will fully meet academic standards for originality of work, meaning that your project will actually be plagiarism-free.


I’m taking a full course. Can I get a package deal?
Yes, full courses can be ordered. Our team of professionals is diverse. No matter what subjects you’d like completed, the required schedule, and the academic level of the work, your job will be matched with a qualified professional who will handle your coursework every step of the way.

Ordering a full course not only lets you have the evenings off for several months, it lets you get obscene deals, getting premium work at some of the best rates on the market. When you order coursework, everything is billed based on the end date of the course! That project due on the second day of the course? Not only will you get it with express delivery, it’s billed as if you had provided weeks or even months of advance notice!

Partial course completion is also available; choose however many weeks are remaining when you place your order. You can also order on a week-by-week basis, if preferred.

Looking for one specific project or a few select projects rather than full weeks of coursework? Consider ordering as Custom Writing for written works or Hybrid / Other / Unsure for custom quotes.

What types of courses can be completed?
When we say that all courses can be completed, we mean it!

Can’t wait to be done with college algebra? You can be done in two minutes.
Tired of looking at nursing courses on Blackboard? Consider it done!
Hate seeing input errors in MyMathLabs or D2L? We’re here to help.
The list goes on:
Business and Management Courses
Calculus and Advanced Math
Accounting and Finance
Labs for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, and More!
Sociology and Psychology
World Languages
English, History, Health, and General Education Courses
Art, Theater, Film, and Elective Credits
Dentistry, Urban Studies, and Geology
And more!
No matter what type of course you need completed, with just two minutes of time, your course will be 100% out of your life.


Can work be done in languages besides English?

Yes. Whether you’re taking a world language course, studying abroad, or living in a country that speaks a language other than English, professionals are available. We would be happy to connect you with an expert who speaks the required language. Need a paper in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Russian, Ancient Greek, Biblical or Modern Hebrew, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, or another language? All of the services offered through Prescott Papers are available in non-English languages at the same rates listed.

Who completes the orders?

Our writers are academics and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Writers are handpicked for each order based on their credentials and real-world experience.

How do I communicate about my order after it is placed?

After an order is placed, instructions for correspondence with our support team will be sent. At any point, we are glad to answer your questions, to give you updates on your order, and to assist you with any other matters. If you would like to discuss anything with us prior to placing an order, feel to submit an inquiry or to send an email directly to [email protected]

I need a project finished ASAP! What are my options?
Orders are frequently placed at one point in the day that are completed and delivered later the same day. Overnight completion of assignments is also offered. Orders are accepted on any deadline. Orders on the shortest deadlines are subject to availability.

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