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The company is obliged to safeguard the privacy of Our Data control department will use your private data to control and personalize the work of the

The website uses cookies on for the best visitor experience.

The company will gather your usage data as the time of visit, language, your geographical position.

Prescott Papers gathers this data to research the services and the use of

Our representatives can also gather your account details as your email address, your phone number, and name. This data is gathered for further cooperation with you, creating your account and sending email notifications.

Do not upload the files that may contain your private details or information you have no right to use.

We may also gather your publication data as testimonials, your reviews and feedback upon your approval.

Prescott Papers may gather your billing details. Prescott Papers  does not store your payment data.

Some relevant data may be archived for disputes solutions as your order specifications and messages.

Prescott Papers may reveal your personal data to our Prescott Papers’ affiliates and companies we cooperate with on a legal basis.

The company can delete your personal information upon request and store it longer than it is valid.

Prescott papers has the right to add amendments to the Privacy Policy. You have to check it periodically to keep updated.

We will notify you of any serious amendments to the Privacy Policy by email.

You have the following rights::

  • as a customer, you can get access to your private details
  • a client can erase it
  • our customers can limit processing
  • you can cancel your permission.

For other issues and concerns please contact our data protection department. We will provide you with your private details gathered upon your request. You will receive an email with your personal information report.

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